Phin is one of Seattle’s newest Vietnamese Coffee Shops located in the International District! They are serving up some very traditional drinks. Their menu is relatively small, but don’t let that deter you, what they make is delicious and very fresh. Everything is made to order, so it will take a little longer than the Starbucks down the road, but the love and passion is evident in every cup they make.

We’ve already been to this shop a few times – the owners are so friendly and kind and you can tell they have poured their hearts in to this coffee shop. If you have never had Vietnamese coffee they will help you navigate the menu so you will get something you love! One of the most unique items on their menu is the Pandan Waffle. It is made fresh to order and is also 100% vegan, so everyone with or without dietary restrictions can enjoy it! For those that are not familiar, Pandan is a type of leaf that add a subtle coconut flavor. The leaves are prepared, so don’t worry, you are not just eating pieces of leaves in the waffle – I am not 100% sure on the specifics, but I imagine it is made in to some sort of paste or extract and mixed with the other waffle ingredients. Make sure you order one when you stop by – they are crispy on the outside, with a chewy, soft center!

Now to the coffee – we have ordered their Bac Siu Iced and the Ca Phe Sua both hot and iced. Bac Siu is a layered drink with a slightly sweetened milk on the bottom with coffee on top – when mixed it is the perfect iced coffee treat. It is slightly sweet but you still get the strong coffee flavors. The Ca Phe Sua is the classic Vietnamese coffee which is strong coffee mixed with condensed milk. It is stronger than the Bac Siu and slightly less sweet. My husband prefers it hot, but I prefer it iced! Honestly though, you really can’t go wrong, it is delicious either way! Make sure you check them out when you’re in Seattle!

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