So what did we eat? We were served 11 courses over a 2 hour duration. 2 hours sound like a commitment? Trust me, the food was so incredible it flew by leaving us wanting more! As soon as we finished the final course, we all secretly hoped there would be a finale – you know like in a concert when the artists come out to do an encore. Too bad chefs don’t exactly work like that… everything was meticulously curated and prepared. They change their menu seasonally and based on what is available – so the menu below is not a reflection of what they offer.

I don’t even have words to describe how unbelievable this meal was. not only was the presentation stunning, but the taste was unlike anything I have eaten before. I went with my husband and 2 of our close friends and we became more impressed with each dish. My expectations were set pretty high considering the price tag, the Bon Appetite review, and the difficulty obtaining reservations. The flavors and creativity of the dishes rival those of high end restaurants in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Seattle that I have had the pleasure of eating at. Each course perfectly paired the seasonal ingredients that made each bite more delicious than the last. I never knew how irresistible a radish could be.

OKC is now unrivaled in the culinary world. Nonesuch has a rich history in the community and was named American’s Best New Restaurant in 2018 by Bon Appetite magazine. When I booked a trip to OKC, I knew this was a must. Fair warning for anyone wanting to experience this culinary masterpiece – their reservations go quickly. I happened to snag a few seats about 2 months in advanced as soon as they opened (right place, right time!). So definitely plan ahead if this is on your list. As a huge foodie nerd, I knew this was an experience I could not pass up. I geeked out pretty hard upon entering the restaurant and with each course presented to us.

Course 1: Catfish Croquette with Kimchi

Course 2: Smoked Borscht

Course 3: Radishes with Black Garlic

Course 4: Broccoli with Tasty Paste

Course 5: Egg with Browned Butter and Brussels

Course 6: Potato with Buerre Blanc

Course 7: Golden Turnip Bread and Butter

Course 8: Dongpo Bison

Course 9: Mulled Hibiscus Tea with Strawberry Doughnut

Course 10: Chocolate Tart with Strawberry

Course 11: Madeira Ice Cream with Pecan and Coffee Kombucha

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