Biscuit Love

If there is one spot not to skip in Nashville, I would have to say Biscuit Love is at the top of the list. It was one of the most recommended spots in Nashville by locals and tourists alike, so I knew I had to check it out. I was able to stop in during the weekday, early morning, when they weren’t super busy. I heard though that their lines can get super long, especially during the weekends so plan ahead and if you can go on a weekday, then do!

This place is all about biscuits, I mean I guess they have to be with biscuits in the name, but they do not play around! Their menu does feature biscuit and non-biscuit dishes though so you have some options if you aren’t in a biscuity mood. We grabbed the following dishes: Bonuts ($8.50), Southern Benny ($12), and the Princess ($12.50 +$2 for the egg). The Bonuts are fried donuts made from biscuit dough topped with lemon marscapone and served on a berry compote. These babies are served warm and are best eaten right away. They were light and fluffy. The lemon marscapone was so creamy with a subtle lemon flavor that paired so well with the berry compote. These were hands down a 10/10 and I wish I could eat these everyday. The Southern Benny comes loaded with sausage gravy, country ham and runny eggs. Oh my how delicious this also was! It is on the heavier side – so be prepared to either take a nap or have a few shots of espresso to wake back up. Lastly, the Princess is one of the favorites and I can see why. Nashville hot fried chicken with pickles, mustard and honey – make sure to add an egg as well so you get the perfect combination! Their chicken was lightly fried yet was so golden and crispy!

Overall I loved this place so much and would go back every time I visit Nashville! For their full menu, click here.

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