Steam Boys

Who would have thought that some of the best dumplings I have had in the US can be found in a food stand in downtown Nashville? These little pockets of heaven were so delightful and unexpectedly delicious. Dumplings are one of my favorite food categories and I have tried many dumplings from around the world. The dumplings at Steam Boys reminded me of my time in QingDao, China. There was this small restaurant near the University I attended where we would all grab lunch each week. We always ordered the dumplings that would come out on this giant plate filled with probably 30-40 dumplings that had the most delicious filling ever with the best sauce. I ate these dumplings about 10 years ago and still to this day think about them – that’s how much of an impact these dumplings in QingDao left on me. I find myself always comparing dumplings I eat to these and only a few have held up to my high standards. On that list is Steam Boys! I preferred their classic dumplings, while my husband enjoyed the pan seared ones the best. I will admit the pan seared had a wonderful golden crust and crunch to them, but I can’t get enough of the classic ones. If I could give this spot a million stars, I would. And if you don’t believe that the best dumplings can be found in the city of fried chicken, trust me I wouldn’t have believed me either. Don’t just take my word for it though, go try these beauties yourself!

They do have a few other locations aside from the Food Assembly Hall location I stopped at. For the full location list and menu, click here.

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