Bethlehem, the restaurant not the place, is a little restaurant in a strip mall. It is a bit hidden and off the beaten path, but luckily for me it is around the corner from where I live! I am always looking for delicious mediterranean food! I love it since it is light and flavorful and usually on the healthier side so I don’t feel all heavy and meh afterwards! While I do love making mediterranean at home, I enjoy grabbing an easy meal – especially to support a local business.

We picked up lunch here one day since we were so busy with work and didn’t feel like making anything! We grabbed a whole spread to try a little bit of everything – plus we had leftovers for dinner; win-win! We grabbed two chicken dishes; Chicken Tawook (9/10) and Chicken Shawarma (8/10). The Tawook are the chicken kebabs and they were so flavorful and juicy and tender. The chicken was cooked so well and was also seasoned perfectly. We also loved that they were charred on the outside to give it a nice, subtle smoky flavor! The Shawarma was moist, but it lacked flavor. We of course had to try the hummus, because did you even get mediterranean if you don’t get hummus? The hummus was creamy and smooth, but the flavor could have been a bit richer. I would give it an 8/10 though and definitely eat it again and again! We also grabbed two starters – Falafel (7/10) and Sfeeha (6/10). The falafel had a nutty flavor but they were pretty dry, I mean a lot of falafel are dry, but these seemed to be extra dry. The garlic sauce they were served with definitely helped and it was creamy and refreshing! The Sfeeha is a dough stuffed with ground beef, diced tomatoes and pine nuts. It was too doughy for me and on the heavier, oily side.

Overall it was good, but not my favorite. Would I eat here again? Absolutely! They don’t have a website, so check them out on Yelp!

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