Organic Squeeze

Organic Squeeze opened their first shop in Nichols Hills plaza a number of years ago. It used to be my favorite place to grab a smoothie, even if the price tag was pretty hefty – especially for Oklahoma. I understand that the ingredients are all organic and that comes with a steeper price tag. I used to be all about this spot, they had a delicious smoothie called the “Muscle Westbrook” that had berries and almond butter and was just so creamy and flavorful. That smoothie no longer exists under that name, but they have one fairly similar now called the “Muscle Hustle.” Since moving back to OK, I have found myself craving a smoothie from here a few times and I happen to have a location within walking distance. I was so excited to sip on that once cherished smoothie, but that first sip hit and I was so disappointed. Not only did it cost me upwards of $13, but it lacked flavor, the ice was not fully blended, and overall it was bland. I went back a few more times to see if maybe it was me or an off day and I was met with the same overpriced, bland smoothie. I love their vision and their goal to bring healthier food to the city, but at this price tag the flavors need to be outstanding and they just aren’t – they definitely used to be but now it seems in an attempt to reduce their cost and increase profit margins, they have forgotten what their mission is all about. For their full menu click here.

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