Yokozuna is an asian fusion restaurant in OKC with locations in Tulsa as well! We stopped in on a Sunday evening around 6pm for a quick dinner, but my first impressions were not good. The restaurant was not super busy and there were plenty of workers, but it took over 5 minutes for someone to even greet us to seat us. They also “didn’t know if they had openings” yet there were plenty of empty tables in sight. Our server was nice and friendly, but overall the place just seemed a bit disorganized and slow. Sushi shouldn’t take that long yet we spent close to 1-1.5 hours here for an appetizer and a few rolls. As much as I love taking my time at a restaurant, we were hungry and had been out all day so we were more aware of the slowness.

We started off with their Steamed Buns for an appetizer – we grabbed the Sriracha Chicken filling. This comes with 2 buns for $7 – not horrible price but these were not good. The buns were tough and hard and the chicken was somehow dry and overcooked. For context, steamed buns should be light and fluffy – you should be able to poke them and they will slowly rise back. The only decent part of the bun was the sriracha sauce on the chicken, but it wasn’t earth shattering with flavor. Overall I would give these a 2/10 and highly recommend you do not order these.

For the sushi we each grabbed a roll and some nigiri. I went with the salmon nigiri – 2 pieces for $7 – and comes topped with green onions, yuzu soy, garlic and sesame seeds. Honestly, this was delicious – the salmon was fresh and buttery. The toppings also added so much flavor and depth to the fish and highlights the freshness. I would give the salmon nigiri an 8/10 – still not Seattle Sushi standard, but really damn good for Oklahoma. I also grabbed the Fresh Prince roll – $17. This roll is filled with snow crab, avocado and bell pepper and is then topped with fresh salmon, basil aioli and black tobiko. It was light and refreshing – I loved the flavor combinations and the textures in this roll! Overall another 8/10. My husband grabbed the Nigiri Flights – $16 – and the Spicy Yellowtail – $7.50. The nigiri flight came with 4 pieces – tuna, salmon, yellowtail and fluke – you can get them dressed with the toppings or plain. I say go for the toppings because they are perfectly paired and add another dimension to the fish.

Overall this place had pretty good sushi, but I was disappointed with the initial service and the appetizer. I would go back during their happy hour and try some other items at a more discounted price. If you are planning on visiting this spot, make sure you give yourself plenty of time since they were slow when we went! For the full menu, click here.

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