Postino’s is a lovely wine bar and spot for small dishes. They have multiple locations across the US and anytime I am near a location I always have to check it out. Their menu is just so light and fun and it is the perfect spot for sharing! The bruschetta platter is really the winner of the menu though because you get to choose 4 types on one board. This spot features salads, paninis, snack boards and much more!

I definitely have my favorite bruschetta flavors and could eat an entire board by myself for sure. If you go with a large group, I recommend ordering multiple so everyone can try them. The bread always comes sliced into 4 pieces to make sharing easier. Here are my top picks in no particular order. Brie, Apple + Fig Spread (9/10) – it is crunchy and creamy with a sweet and tangy flavor – I love apple and cheese combination and then you add the slight sweetness from the fig and you’ve got a real winner! Fresh Mozzarella, Basil + Tomatoes (8/10) – I mean this is a true classic, but it is also basic. While there is nothing wrong with being basic, this could use some balsamic glaze to really bring out the flavors more. Warm Artichoke Spread (7/10) – it is pretty good, but not great. The spread to bread ratio is a bit off and it could use more artichoke! Salami & Pesto (6/10) – I want to like this one more but it is too boring for me and really it doesn’t have enough toppings on it – if they added another component it would probably be fantastic! Almond Hummus + Chopped Tomato (7/10) – the hummus is creamy and flavorful for sure, but this one is middle of the road for me. Burrata, Bacon, Tomatoes (10/10) – the superior combination. Creamy burrata with salty, crispy bacon and fresh tomatoes. Don’t skip this one!

Check out their website here to find a location near you and to view their full menu!

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