Taco Nation

Located in the up and coming Wheeler District is Taco Nation – you can grab some tacos then take a ride on the ferris wheel while you view the OKC skyline! Their hours are a bit funky – so make sure to check before you make plans to head down there, they are also closed on Sunday and Monday.

We started off with Chips and Queso ($6) because you can’t have tacos without queso or guac or both! The chips were so good – they were lightly fried but didn’t have an oily taste or residue and were so crispy and airy! The queso was also smooth and creamy – it was a bit thin for me so it was hard to get from chip to mouth without spilling half of it. I’d give it an 8/10 – solid queso for sure, just too thin to stick to the chips! We also grabbed an assortment of tacos. I grabbed the Baja ($5.25) and the Shrimp ($5.25), while my husband ordered the Ancho Lime Chicken ($5.25), Shrimp ($5.25) and the Okie ($5.25). They are all served on corn tortillas that are hands down the best I have ever had! They were so soft and warm, but still have a great texture and flavor and they held together even with all of the taco toppings! All of the tacos were well balanced and so fresh and light. They were also stuffed full of filling, so we really felt like we got our money’s worth! It was hard to choose a winner because all of the tacos were seriously incredible. The shrimp taco comes with lightly fried shrimp with a crunchy slaw and a chili-lime aioli – sweet, spicy, and crunchy – 10/10! The Baja comes with a super tender tri-tip steak topped with a creamy guac sauce and fresh pico – I also have to give this a 10/10. My husband loved his tacos so much that there was no sharing between us lol! Taco Nation also offers a variety of housemade salsas offering a range from mild to spicy – but according to my husband, the spicy wasn’t hot enough (he has a tongue of steel when it comes to spice tho!). The only downside with the salsa is they only have a single bottle of each and keep them at a counter with those little ketchup cups to take back to your table. We both wished they had bottles at each table or to grab because it was a little annoying to have to keep getting up for salsa.

Overall this taco spot is now in our top spots, which, considering how many tacos we eat is a pretty big deal. We both agree it is in the top 3! Go check them out for delicious, easy tacos with the best corn tortillas around. For their full menu, click here.

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