Taqueria El Camino

Taqueria El Camino is located inside the Edmond Railyard, which is a food hall featuring multiple restaurants – love this type of concept. It is a great spot of lunch or dinner, especially with a group of friends or family that may be indecisive or picky because you can grab food from any of the eateries and eat in the outdoor tables that are open to all!

I popped in for a late lunch the other day and grabbed some tacos and elotes. I tried the Carnitas, Blackened Shrimp, and Brisket Barbacoa. Most of their tacos come on corn tortillas, which I normally really love but theirs were a bit on the dry side and kind of distracted from the taco filling. Next time, I would swap for flour tortillas. If corn tortillas aren’t cooked or reheated properly they become super dry and crumbly and almost like softened cardboard – maybe they need to heat them a bit better or if they are using store made, then find a new brand! The tacos I grabbed I felt were fairly priced, with the exception of the brisket barbacoa – it was $6, which is pretty hefty for a taco in OKC. It was however the most delicious, so I would order it again. The brisket barbacoa comes on a flour tortilla with a zesty slaw, onions, jalapenos, crema, cotija cheese and cilantro. There was a kick of heat on this taco, so be warned – it creeps up on you too and it doesn’t back down. The barbacoa was so tender and flavorful though, which I really enjoyed. Favorite taco of the bunch and would give it a 10/10. The carnitas taco was the best price at only $3 and it comes on corn tortillas with a pineapple-habanero salsa, cotija and cilantro. The carnitas was also juicy and tender and I loved the sweet-spicy combination with the salsa. The taco would have been much better on a flour tortilla, but for the price it is a good choice. All things considered, I would give it an 8/10. The last taco I tried was the Blackened Shrimp at $5, which considering it is fish, wasn’t too astronomical. It comes on corn tortillas with bacon, chipotle remoulade, corn relish and radish. The remoulade had a delicious, smokey flavor and the bacon added a slight crunch to the taco which was a nice balance. The flavors of the taco were incredible, but again the corn tortilla is really holding this one back from its full potential – I would swap out the corn for flour next time. Overall I would give this an 8/10 as well; I want to give it a 9, but the tortilla really is not good. The last item is the Elotes – I am a sucker for corn and then you put creamy chili sauce and cheese on it and you have a winner. I was so disappointed when I ate it. I was expecting the corn to burst with flavor and it was subpar at best. Corn is in season right now, which is why I was so shocked at how bland and dry this corn was. I am not sure if they cooked it too long or what but I would not order this again. Usually when you bite down on a corn cob, you get a burst of juice and kernels and that was completely lacking. I would generously give this a 2/10.

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