Hot Honey Pies

Hot Honey Pies is currently a pop up – so you won’t find them around all the time, but if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon them, stop and try it! I happened to find this place on Instagram and saw they were doing a pop up in the Plaza District, so of course I had to make a stop. They are bringing a unique twist to pizza using Lao/Vietnamese inspired ingredients. It was definitely a unique experience, but the ingredients paired so well together and it is pizza – who doesn’t love pizza?!

Their menu was simple and offered two pizza flavors and some signature meatballs. Since there were only two pizza options, I decided to get both because life is too short to not indulge sometimes. I forgot exactly what the flavors were, but one featured chinese sausage, mozzarella and egg – it was a take on a breakfast pizza. The other one featured pesto, roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and a sausage that I cannot remember the name of for the life of me. The pizzas are wood fired, which is probably my favorite type of pizza. While the flavors were incredible, I was a little surprised at the size and price. Each pizza was $17 and they were personal sized, but slightly smaller than 10 inches – honestly probably around 6 or 8 inches. To me, the cost was a bit high. One other piece of feedback was that the pizza with the pesto was pretty thick and doughy – I am not sure if it was not rolled thin enough, not cooked long enough, or if the pesto just had too much oil that it didn’t cook properly. I will admit, there was a lotttt of pesto and oil on this pie – which I understand wanting to use pesto as the base, but potentially try to make a less oily version or cook it longer? Not too sure what the solution should be. But overall, the flavors were fantastic, but I think the price point, at least for OKC, was way too high. If they took the same amount of dough and made the pizza thinner it would help with two things – 1) it would cook more evenly and be less doughy and 2) I think I would be willing to pay the $17 because it would be bigger with the same ingredients. I also think if they do roll the dough out thinner, just adding like a handful more toppings would really balance everything out!

I still recommend trying them and I would absolutely go back if they ever have another pop up around here, but if they open a stand alone or become more frequent, I probably wouldn’t be a regular unless they got the price point down a bit! Go find them on instagram to stay up to date with their pop up schedule!

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