Oak City Pizza

Oak City Pizza is a delicious, wood fired pizza restaurant. They have a location inside the Edmond Railyard as well as a location in Deer Creek AND a roaming food truck! I first tried this spot during Heard on Hurd, which if you are not familiar is a monthly event during the summer that showcases tons of local vendors and musicians. The block is lined with food trucks, nearby businesses have their doors open, and they have a stage for the local musicians to play. It is a great way to support local and try a bunch of new spots. I saw Oak City and immediately knew I had to try them. I love wood fired pizza – it is my absolute favorite so I wanted to check them out. It wasn’t until later that I realized they also had a brick and mortar shop that I could go to all the time inside the Railyard.

What makes a pizza good? Crust, sauce and cheese. But in my opinion, there are specific ratios you need to nail and flavor profiles to get right. And the crust, that is a very important one. You need it to be cooked through without a doughy center, while letting the outside get slightly charred so it has a nice bite to it. Pizza may sound easy, but it is actually a lot harder than people think – and take Oak City for example, they cook their pizza in an 800 degree wood oven. So their window of error is extremely small. If they over or under cook it for just a few seconds, it can go from perfect to perfectly ruined. Let’s start with their crust. WOW 10/10. It was everything you could want. The middle wasn’t doughy or undercooked but it was still soft to bite into. The bottom of the pizza had just enough charring to really have that wood fired flavor come through when you bite into it and then the outside of the crust was airy, light and chewy! Absolutely one of the best pizza crusts I have had – I loved that the dough wasn’t too dense but it still held up to the sauce and cheese. Now onto the sauce and cheese portion of the review. Their sauce is super flavorful – salty, a hint of sweetness and had some texture in it meaning it wasn’t too thin. Their mozzarella is also so creamy and you could pull the cheese so far. While I loved both of these, I wish there was a bit more cheese – or have the cheese be spread out a little thinner to cover more areas. Some bites had lots of cheese while others had none and I totally understand this is how a traditional margherita is done, but I think for consistency and to have a more balanced bite, spreading it out a bit more would be ideal.Overall this is probably my current favorite wood fired spot. They are quick and delicious and I could eat their pizza over and over again. They also have $5 Margherita Monday’s so make sure to give them a try and grab a classic option to see what you think! Click here for their website where you can find their locations, order ahead, and look at their menu!

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