Neon Coffee

Neon coffee is a bright coffee shop located in the Plaza District. They have a small interior with limited seating, but have an extended outdoor patio for you to hang out at! Although, in this heat, you might want to get your order to go! Neon has a fairly simple and small menu featuring specialty coffee drinks, classic coffee, donuts and a few other breakfast items. Their drinks are on the sweeter side, depending on what you order, but they are super flavorful. Their speciality drinks are super unique and have fun names like Fitzgerald, Dirty Berry and Peanut Butter Bomb! I will say, some of the drinks on the menu intimidate me and I am not sure how the flavor combinations would work together. For instance, the Blackberry Cold Brew starts with a cold brew base with whole milk and has both vanilla and blackberry syrups and is topped with cream. I am not adventurous enough to try this one, but maybe you will be.

My favorites are the Peanut Butter Bomb and Magnificent Chai. The PB Bomb comes with espresso, milk, house peanut butter, chocolate syrup and cream. You can probably imagine that this one tastes similar to a peanut butter cup and is definitely on the sweeter side. But for all the flavoring, it actually isn’t overpowering. It is super creamy and rich but I love this one as a special treat after a long week or to start the week off! The Magnificent Chai is basically a dirty chai with espresso, milk and chai syrup. If you are a fan of chai, this is a delicious option. And of course you can’t forget to grab a donut or two. Their Butterfinger donut will give you a sugar rush, but it will also put a ridiculously big smile on your face. It is a filled donut stuffed with peanut butter custard and topped with a chocolate glaze and brown butter krispies. YUM! For all of the filling, it is super light and creamy and not overly rich. The peanut butter taste is also subtle, which makes it so good. Also try their breakfast burrito, it is bursting with flavor!

For their full menu and to order online, click here.

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