The Fried Taco

The Fried Taco is a ~newer~ taco spot in OKC and they already have two locations for all your taco cravings. This concept is one I have not seen done before and is a fun take on a classic taco. If you have ever had a chalupa from taco bell, this has similar vibes, but like way tastier and filled with much higher quality ingredients (sorry Tbell, but we all know it’s true!). It’s kinda like a crunchy taco, but way crispier and has a slightly different texture – it’s not easy to explain, so you will just have to go try them! What I found particularly interesting is how these were definitely fried, but didn’t leave a lot of oily residue. They were light, warm and crunchy and when you bit into one, your mouth didn’t come out tasting like oil.

They offer ~8 taco variations, one of which rotates monthly! They have some classics – ground beef, chicken and pork – but they also have some creatives – nashville hot chicken, jackfruit, and caribbean jerk. And if you aren’t feeling tacos they have empanadas and quesadillas you can opt for instead. This is also a great option for a family night out because the space is very casual and they serve their kids items in a dinosaur – even as an adult I want to eat out of a dinosaur! AND bonus tip: they have a Taco Tuesday special every Tuesday which is 3 tacos for $11! What a great deal – as if you needed an excuse to eat tacos everyday, but this deal is pretty unbeatable.

We tried 5 of their tacos – Old Fashioned Ground Beef, Brisket, Nashville Hot Chicken, Caribbean Jerk and the taco of the Month (Korean Bulgogi). Ranking them for my personal preference from least to favorite I would put them in the following order:

5. Nashville Hot Chicken – this comes with slow simmered spicy chicken, pepper jack cheese and pickled relish. The reason I am ranking this so low is because of the spice. I am not a spicy girl and this was HOT. The flavor was delicious, but if you can’t handle heat, don’t order this one.

4. Old Fashioned Ground Beef – this comes with ground beef and cheese and is topped with sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes. A very classic, basic taco. There was nothing wrong with this taco, it just didn’t do as much for me as the other ones. I recommend getting this one when you want to reminisce on those home taco nights you may have had as a kid where your mom would use the packaged taco seasoning and stuff hard shells with ground beef and cheese. Nothing wrong with a classic.

3. Caribbean Jerk – this comes with shredded, jerk marinated chicken, queso fresco and mango salsa. It was very flavorful and light and the mango salsa added a nice cold, sweet offset to the savory chicken. Solid taco for sure.

2. Taco of the Month: Korean BBQ – this rotates monthly so it may not be available, but this one comes with beef bulgogi and pickled vegetables. I love bulgogi, so this was definitely in my top. The beef was juicy and tender and the pickled vegetables added a nice, crisp, freshness with some tang to counterbalance the meat.

  1. Brisket – this comes with shredded brisket, white bbq sauce, cheddar cheese and a sriracha slaw. I couldn’t actually tell this was sriracha slaw but it did have a nice tanginess to balance the sweetness from the bbq sauce. The brisket was smoked perfectly and had crispy, burnt ends. Definitely the winner of this round!

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