New Gangnam KBBQ

Who else LOVES korean bbq? It is one of my favorite meals, especially to share with friends and family. It is so fun to sit around the grill, cooking, laughing and stuffing your belly with more meat than you thought possible. New Gangnam BBQ is a fair amount south of Seattle, but they do one of the best AYCE in the area – in my opinion. They offer a few different tiers to their all you can eat so you can get exactly what your group is looking for. I typically go with the standard which is $28/person and gets you the classics – bulgogi, shirt rib, pork belly, bbq chicken and more! Their $32 and $35 options have more variety and the majority of the seafood options. It really depends what you want – if you are looking for the common KBBQ meats, then just get the $28 option.

I will say that this place doesn’t have the highest quality meats as say, Exit 5, but you’re paying about 1/3-1/2 of the price and the meat is still delicious. You just have to go in with the expectation that this is not a super fancy, high end KBBQ restaurant. This is a small, hole in the wall offering an affordable meal for all. It is a wonderful place to gather to celebrate or just enjoy a night out or a tasty dinner. If you go during their dinner rush, you may have to wait but it usually goes fairly quick and you can always stop by Ding Tea which has a location two doors down for some pre dinner bubble tea! For the full menu, click here.

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