Triumph Valley

Triumph Valley opened up in the summer of 2021 and they offer hotpot, wok dishes, cocktails and dim sum. I recently had the opportunity to try their hot pot and loved it so much I went back on the weekend to try their dim sum and neither disappointed. Their space is large and beautifully decorated. They have a bar area with lavish seating, an entire room dedicated to hot pot tables and even a 3rd room for large parties for both dim sum and wok dishes! You can tell the owners put a lot of love and time in to this place and the atmosphere and dishes speak for themselves.

Let’s start with their hot pot – we tried everything….yes literally everything on the menu. If you haven’t been to hot pot before, boiling broth is brought to the table and placed on a burner so it remains hot. Then you order meats, vegetables, noodles, dumplings, and more and then cook it directly in the broth so it soaks up the flavors. It is so fun and great for a group since there is usually a lot of food involved. At Triumph, you can choose between 4 different broths – spicy, tomato, mushroom, and chicken. You get to choose two flavors and we went with spicy and mushroom! They offer a large selection of meats so you can grab lamb, beef, short rib, pork belly, or pork loin. They even have some unique items like fish balls, duck blood, intestines, tripe and much more. Definitely grab some of their noodles, dumplings, and vegetables they offer. And lastly for their hot pot, grab a few of their sauces – soy sauce, special sauce, oyster sauce, chili oil and more. The mushroom broth was delicious and not overpowering with mushroom flavor. All the plates we got were fresh and made to order, which I loved.

Now to the Dim Sum. There aren’t a lot of dim sum spots around Kent/Renton so I don’t go often because that would mean driving all the way to Seattle and sometimes I just don’t want to lol. But after trying this spot’s hot pot, I knew I had to check out their dim sum and I am so glad I did because it was absolute fire. They had dumplings, rice rolls, buns, and more. We grabbed too many dishes but it was so worth it! Although I loved it all, I especially enjoyed the beef rice rolls, chive and shrimp dumplings, and the pork + shrimp + veggie buns. The stuffed eggplant with shrimp was also surprisingly tasty – the eggplant was soft and tender. I would go back again and again and devour so many dumplings and buns. Their shanghai soup dumplings were good, but they stuck to the little tins a bit more than I wanted so they ripped and the soup came out. I think there are better places for soup dumplings, so maybe skip this item. Don’t skip the rice rolls, buns, or shrimp dumplings tho!

This place is a bit off the beaten path and hidden, but you should go and give it a try. They have delicious cocktails and dishes at great prices. Get out and try something new to support local! For their menu and location check it out here.

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