Cafe Aloe Pt 2

If you are in Bellevue, you have to check out Cafe Aloe – this is not my first time posting about this place. But they have so many great drinks and food, I had to go back for more! This time I tried their cute steamed buns that look like little pigs – they are almost too cute to eat….almost! They come in 3 flavors – molten custard, custard, and taro. The molten custard is runny and flows like lava. It has a great flavor, but the texture is a bit grainy. The regular custard was my favorite – it was creamy and thick! And finally the taro flavor – personally I couldn’t really taste the difference between the taro and custard. I also grabbed their BBQ Pork Bun and Green Onion Bun. Both were delightful, but if you’re wanting something a bit more substantial grab their BBQ Pork Bun. The Green Onion had a great flavor, but it was mostly just bready, the pork was filled with tasty, sweet BBQ! They were a great afternoon snack that didn’t fill me up too much, but perfectly satisfied my hunger. My favorite drink is definitely their Cookies and Crema – it is not overly sweet and will give you the caffeine kick you desperately need in the afternoon. Another delicious drink option is their Coconut Latte – it has a subtle coconut flavor with a hint of sweetness from the white chocolate. Definitely opt for this one if you are looking for something on the slightly sweeter side.

Overall this place is great for a drink and snack. The staff is so friendly and it is a large, open space perfect for working or studying if you need a break from your office or home! For their menu click here. Also check them out on instagram, they often have holiday boxes of an assortment of their buns that are decorated perfectly for the holidays!

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