Kura Sushi Pt. 2

Kura sushi is still all the rage across the country, but luckily the fandom in Bellevue has died down a bit. I have been on a sushi kick lately and really wanted to go back to Kura for hopefully less of a wait time. This time, we were greeted with a fairly empty parking lot and no lines to wait in. We were able to walk right in and get a table quickly, which meant more time for sushi! I was pleasantly surprised that the sushi quality was still just as good as when they opened and they had so many options and custom orders came out super fast.

What I love about Kura, aside from the conveyor belt sushi, is the price. Every plate is $3.75, with the exception of a few specialized dishes so you know exactly what you are paying for – no color coordinated plates trying to guess what your total is. I also love the amount of options – they probably have one of the bigger menus I have seen for conveyor belt. You can choose from nigiri, rolls, handrolls, crispy rice, gunkan and so much more. They also are super fresh – they only put out a limited number of plates of each type of roll or nigiri on the belt to ensure the customers are getting the freshest dish possible. You can also order on their touch screen if you don’t see a plate you want or if you are worried about how long a plate may have been on the belt. You can totally taste the freshness of the fish. I highly recommend going with a group of people so you can get more plates to try and more prizes! For every 15 plates you finish, you get a little prize ball. Additionally, for every 5 plates you dispose of, the screen plays a little scene – basically they gamified sushi which is super fun for both adults and kids.

For the list of locations and to take a look at their menu, click here! If there are no locations near you, chances are you’ll probably get one at some point since they are popping up everywhere.

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