Semicolon is a cut little cafe located in Bellevue! They also have locations in New Jersey and New York City. Their name, semicolon, is to represent the symbol of a semicolon which indicates a pause between two independent clauses. They want the cafe to be a place you can come and pause and get that feeling of rest during your day. Their Bellevue location is very calming and neutral upon walking in and is a great spot to pick up a coffee, grab a bite to eat, or meet up with friends for a conversation. The menu is simple, but delicious. It features classic and specialty lattes, smoothies, sandwiches, and bingsoo (shaved ice). There are 8 sandwiches you can choose from and they all feature scrambled eggs, fresh vegetables, and a tasty sauce to bring out all the flavors. They’ve got bulgogi, lox, mushroom, avocado, chicken, and a BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato).

I have been wanting to try this spot for a while and finally had the chance to make it up there. I grabbed their Tiramisu Latte and Bulgogi Sandwich. I opted for the iced tiramisu latte, but I am sure the hot would be just as delicious. It was pretty tasty, but for me didn’t really give me that tiramisu flavor – more just tasted like a slightly sweeter version of a vanilla latte with a subtle chocolate flavor. It did have some whipped cream (or marscapone) on top, but with the iced version was a bit difficult to mix. It gave me a caffeine kick though and would still order it again. The bulgogi sandwich came with scrambled eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, bulgogi beef, and bulgogi sauce on a toasted brioche bun. The bun was delightlfully toasted and buttery, which I loved. Overall the flavors paired well together and the beef was tender and juicy. I didn’t love the egg – mostly because I prefer eggs for breakfast and I was eating this for lunch. I would probably try one of them next time without the egg, or grab the BELT for breakfast!

For the full menu, information and location click here.

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