Syrup – what a fun name for a breakfast spot! Originally opened in Norman and then opened a location in OKC on 23rd street. It is a fun breakfast spot with lots of variety, and of course pancakes and waffles for all the syrup needs. They’ve got fun creations like Cinnamon Roll Pancakes or Waffle, Red Velvet Waffle, a Waffle Sundae and Sweet Cream Pancakes or Waffles. If you aren’t wanting something that sweet for breakfast they also have benedicts, huevos rancheros, scrambles and much more! Their pancakes are light and fluffy and full of flavor. I particularly love the cinnamon roll pancakes because it is the best of both worlds if you love cinnamon rolls and can never decide between the two. We also tried their haystack which comes with a poached egg on top of crispy hashbrowns and bacon and is served with parmesan and hollandaise sauce. Honestly, this dish was not my favorite. The hashbrowns weren’t that crispy and the hollandaise lacked flavor. The bacon was delicious and crispy, but that’s not a reason to order a whole dish. The dish was only $9, which is fairly cheap but I felt they could have done much more to elevate the dish even with keep the price low. The presentation also left a lot to the imagination – I’m not asking for Michelin star plating over here, but maybe make it a bit more appetizing. It looked like something a toddler would plate, like they were almost trying but kinda just threw everything on there and then outlined the plate with the bacon. I think if they used a different size and shape plate it could elevate it so much more. Their prices are very low though and food is good so it is hard to beat! There redeeming quality was their coffee. Their cappuccinos were made exactly like you would find in Europe – the foam to milk ratio was on point. I would definitely like to go back and try some of their other savory dishes because I think they have a lot of potential, I may have just ordered wrong. But their waffles and pancakes are absolutely worth it, especially if you grab one of their speciality flavors.

For the full menu check here.

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