Cafe Kacao

Cafe Kacao has been a popular brunch spot for a few years. They always seem to have a line on the weekends, so you know it is going to be good. Even after all these years opened, people still line up and can’t get enough of this place and there is a good reason why. Their food is absolutely incredible! They are serving up some delicious Guatemalan food to share their culture with OKC and if for some reason you have not been yet, you need to go immediately! Some of their most popular dishes are their insane pancakes and french toast that are loaded with flavor and covered with sauce. Their pancakes are so pretty and instagrammable so make sure to grab a plate for the table to share because you don’t want to miss out! Even though their sweet dishes are amazing, don’t look over their traditional Guatemalan dishes and expand your food horizons. They even have some of their family recipes featured on their menu and I promise, you might never want to eat anywhere else again.

We grabbed their pupusas breakfast and tikal. The pupusas are handmade corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and pork and then grilled to perfection. It comes served with eggs, black beans and a tangy vinaigrette cabbage! If you have never tried pupusas, you should – they are incredible. Soft tortillas with melty cheese and tender meat – what more could you want? It also comes with a sauce on the side that is a bit reminiscent of a tomato sauce, but with like way more flavor. The tikal is one of their most popular dishes. It comes with scrambled eggs, flank steak, longaniza (which is Guatemalan sausage) and is also served with black beans, fried plantains, and tortillas. This dish is perfect when you want to try a little bit of everything and is perfect for sharing. There are so many great options on their menu that you can’t really go wrong with whatever you choose. Make sure to start your meal with a coffee – I would suggest their nutella or creme brulee latte.

Go explore a new cuisine and grab a tasty breakfast from Cafe Kacao. The staff is incredibly friendly and will gladly answer any questions you have on the menu and help you select the perfect dish that you will rave about for a long time! For their full menu check here. And if you are going on the weekend, make sure to get there early or you may be in for a bit of a wait.

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