Viet’s Phoody

Viet’s Phoody is a brand new vietnamese restaurant that opened in October 2021 between Kent and Renton. We found them on DoorDash and decided to try them out. We love vietnamese food and area always looking for close, tasty options! I had passed this place a few times on the way to the gym and knew we needed to check it out. To start, we ordered fresh spring rolls with chicken. These come packed full of chicken, lettuce, bean sprouts, and noodles, all wrapped up in rice paper and served with peanut sauce. These were a great way to start out the meal and were fresh, tasty, and huge! 1 ordered was enough for the two of us to share! The peanut sauce was incredible – was well balanced between the nutty peanuts and a slight acidic taste (presumably from some rice vinegar)..I only wish it came with more sauce because it was so tasty, I could have eaten it by itself with a spoon! I loved the grilled chicken in the spring roll – I normally go with shrimp because of lack of options, so I really enjoyed that chicken was an option here! For out main dishes we ordered grilled pork vermicelli bowl (V1) and the chicken, shrimp and egg roll vermicelli bowl (V4). All of their bowls come with vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, pickled carrots, crushed peanuts and fish sauce. My only critique is I wish there was more pickled carrots because they are my absolute favorite – crunchy and tangy and are the perfect combination with the warm meat. There was so much food that you can definitely share a plate or save some for lunch the next day. The portions were huge for the price which was awesome! They have so many options on their menu – banh mi, rice bowls, pho, and a number of specials! I can’t wait to try their banh mi and pho next time.

For their full menu click here.

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