Metropolis Coffee

Metropolis Coffee was a happy surprise. While we were waiting for our table at Denver Biscuit Company, we took a stroll to grab coffee – my friend mentioned there was a shop a few blocks from DBC and I am always down for coffee. Upon entering this shop, it was clean with lots of natural light and green plant accents – it also features local artists art work that you can purchase. Anyways, while my eyes scanned the shop looking for their menu and taking in the smell of fresh coffee, I noticed something familiar. A tan bag of coffee beans with the label “Herkimer.” I exclaimed excitedly to my friend that I knew that coffee. Herkimer is a coffee shop and roaster in Seattle. I joked with her that I travelled all the way from Seattle to Denver to grab a cup of my favorite coffee. Metropolis has multiple locations, so I am unsure if they use Herkimer beans at all of their shops, but the one located on South Broadway in Denver certainly does – a quick google search confirms that their other stores also use Herkimer. I asked the barista if the beans they would be making our delicious caffeinated beverage from where Herkimer a well, and indeed they were. I made a comment that I was from Seattle and I am well acquainted with the coffee. Apparently that shop owner knows the Herkimer guy in Seattle – and there you have it! So if you happen to be in Denver and want a taste of Seattle coffee (you know local stuff, not Starbucks) check out Metropolis Coffee. From a serious Seattle coffee connoisseur, I promise this is some of the best of the best. Check out their locations and coffee here.

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