Spark is the newest restaurant to grace the OKC food scene! It draws you in with their bright pink fries and rainbow theme! They opened very recently and are located in the very cool Scissortail Park in downtown OKC. I went the day after their opening around lunchtime and the line moved quickly, as well as the service. I waited in line for probably 10-15 minutes and another 5-8 for my food. Upon walking in the door, you head over to the counter to order. They will ask for your name and phone number so they can text you when your order is ready! The dining room is pretty small – they’ve got a barstool counter with around 10-12 seats, as well as 8-10 tables that seat anywhere from 2-6 people! So it can get pretty cramped quickly, but most people aren’t hanging out for long. Order, eat, leave was the general vibe – it wasn’t rushed though, definitely were able to enjoy your meal but don’t sit and chat with friends during peak hours for too long. You can also order at their walk up window if you want to grab a burger and fries and go enjoy it in the park. Honestly that would be a perfect date when the weather is nice!

They’ve got 6 different burgers you can choose from in a single or a double. They’ve got everything from classic toppings to burgers with pimento cheese, spiced pineapples, and ghost pepper hot links. If you aren’t feeling a burger, they also have corn dogs, crispy chicken sandwich, power bowl, acai bowl, and they do also have a burger bowl. Grab an order of fries as well – you can grab their classic crinkle fries, bacon cheese fries, or their pink fries. Their pink fries are an absolute MUST – especially if you want an instagram worthy picture. You can’t skip their custard either, so make sure to save room! They have traditional custards with a large variety of delicious mixins, making the decision near impossible! Need something stronger than a milkshake? Don’t worry, you can grab a cold beer, canned cocktail, or their signature frozen peach club special. For lunch I grabbed a single Spark burger and pink fries. The burger has cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and spark sauce on a potato roll – a true classic. It was sooo tasty. The cheese was melty and warm with the delicious crunch of the pickles and lettuce. The burger patty was cooked phenomenally and had so much flavor – the burger could definitely hold its own, which is the true sign of a real burger. Their pink fries were amazing as well. They were super crispy and warm, but not too greasy. They were topped with the pink sauce that everyone is dying to know about. I should make y’all try them for yourself to find out what is in the sauce, but I will be nice and share their secret. The sauce is a garlic-parmesan aioli (so a mayonnaise based dip) that gets its vibrant pink color from BEETS! You read that correctly – beets! You couldn’t taste them, so don’t be worried if beets are not your fav.

To drool over the menu until you can take a trip there, check here!

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