The Copley

The Copley is a newer restaurant to OKC, located on 23rd street. It is located in a big, beautiful white building. When you step inside, you are welcomed in to a big, bright, open space. This place confuses me though. Their hours are only 8am-2pm, which is a bit odd for an eatery + espresso bar, as they identify themselves. They also serve cocktails, but they close before happy hour. And they almost open too late for people heading to work that want to grab a coffee and pastry. So I am not sure what their target market of consumers is. Maybe housewives or moms that are looking for something to do in the middle of the day? They also have a play area for kids that you can rent out for play dates… but you must make a reservation to use it. You can’t just come in and grab coffee with a friend and throw your kids in the play space. Just a bit weird to me and I don’t fully understand their concept or vision. Their menu mostly features breakfast items – toasts, cereal, etc; and they do have a few wraps, bowls and sandwiches for a light lunch. Although the space is large and bright, it felt a bit cold and not welcoming. If the space was a bit more figured out, I could definitely see myself grabbing a coffee and hanging their for a while – but it didn’t really have that vibe going on. Honestly the vibe was chaotic.

I grabbed a latte and their Bruleed Banana Toast. The toast was a thick slice of bread topped with almond butter, bruleed bananas, and maple-pecan crumble. It sounded so good from their menu, but I was a bit disappointed. The bread needed to be toasted a bit more, the almond butter was such a thin layer I could barely taste it, the bananas had no brulee on them, and the crumble was really large cereal chunks that should have been crushed in to smaller pieces. Maybe I should have ordered something different and I would have a better review of this place? My toast was $7.50 which when I ordered thought that’s not too off-price, but upon receiving and then eating the toast the price is a bit high in my opinion.

I think this space and restaurant has potential but they need to refine their vision a bit more. Talking to one of the people that either worked there or owned it, they started off under a different name (I forget what it was), but it was a kids play area and they offered some healthy eats, but now they are expanding in to a coffee/breakfast shop. Again, very unclear to me. If you want a coffee, sure their coffee was pretty good (I still think there are better in OKC) but unless you have a kid and are wanting to have a play date outside of your house or a play date where the parents can grab a drink and bite to eat then I think you are better off leaving this place off the “must try” list. For their menu check here.

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