Jones Assembly

OKC has really grown the last few years. Everytime I come back to visit I am surprisingly impressed with the restaurants and coffee shops that have opened. The food scene is really making a name for itself and they are definitely an up and coming place to explore. The Jones Assembly is one of those new places OKC has welcomed with open arms and stomachs. This spot was created for a dining and entertainment experience that everyone can enjoy. It is upscale without being pretentious but still has a relaxed vibe to it. You will find patrons dressed to the nines or those that prefer comfort over style. This establishment is pretty big – they have a giant outdoor area, a long white marble bar in the entry, an indoor stage with plenty of tables, as well as a private upstairs room (for rent) for a more intimate experience. They have concerts frequently that feature local artists – I have never been to one but they draw large crowds and are apparently very fun! During concert nights, they do have a limited dinner menu that features a deep dish sheet pizza, carnitas tacos, colossal pretzels, loaded fries, elote, corn dogs, beignets and an assortment of dips + spreads. Essentially a lot of food that is easy to eat on the go, with your hands that won’t get you too messy while you’re singing along, jumping up and down! (wow I miss concerts).

Their regular menu changes often based on the season, but you will find some Oklahoma staples like deviled eggs, okra, and pimento cheese. You will also find tasty wood-fired pizzas, incredible salads, and an assortment of various entres – a signature burger, nashville hot chicken, cacio e pepe, roasted chicken, and scallops to name a few! Their food is prepared fresh and is worth every penny. As someone who lives in Seattle, I always forget how large portions are in the midwest and the Jones is no exception. Although their prices may seem on the more expensive side, you are getting a ton of food. I have tried a number of their dishes and every single time I am floored by the flavors and creativity that goes in to each one. WOW! Hats off to the chefs in the back delicately plating these perfections.

Let’s talk about their cocktails now. They have an artfully prepared list of cocktails on their menu that feature fun names like Middle Class Fancy, Fire Emoji, Dagwell Dixie, and Disco Snap. They also have a moscow mule on tap that will keep you going all night…or make you realize your tolerance has significantly decreased since your college days. These babies are STRONG. Like knock you on your ass if you aren’t paying attention while you knock them back. They are too tasty to not enjoy though. Their Middle Class Fancy is another favorite of mine – it is a deep pink cocktail served artfully in a wine glass. If cocktails aren’t your jam, they have a selection of wine and beer as well – and by selection I mean pretty much anything you could want to drink, they’ve got it. If you find yourself there during one of their less busy times (aka not on Thursday-Saturday night), their bartenders are crazy talented and can make you some really cool drinks if you ask nicely. We dropped in on a slow Wednesday and were able to have our bartender create some delicious, off-menu drinks for us! He made some classics – pisco sour, daiquiri (not the frozen kind) as well as a caipirinha (a tasty brazilian drink) and a delicious egg white drink that was a vibrant pink (don’t ask the name because at this point I was a few drinks in and do not remember what it was called). They also managed to make a white claw fancy with some muddled berries and mint! Seriously, very talented, I am lucky to pour a glass of wine without spilling, so attempting to make fancy drinks is just not in my wheelhouse!

Whether you want to grab a cocktail with friend and chill in their outdoor patio, rage all night at a concert, or go to a fancy date night dinner, The Jones Assembly has you covered. If you live in OKC you are pretty much guaranteed to run in to someone you know and have a fabulous time. If you are passing through, make sure to add this to you list of must try destinations, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to check their events schedule and it is probably a smart idea to secure a reservation as well – they do have walkin seating at the bar and outside, but the weekends can get full, quickly. For their current menu, cocktail list and move check here.

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