Junction Coffee

Junction Coffee – I have so much to say about this place and I don’t think the words on paper can even begin to describe this coffee shop and the incredible people that own it. It will always have a piece of my heart even if I no longer live in OKC. This coffee shop started in a bright red double decker bus, named Maebelle, many years ago – around the time I moved to Seattle to start a new chapter of my life after college. I was able to enjoy this coffee bus for close to 9 months before I moved. I sought out their bus everyday they were open and would go enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and conversation with the owners – Nick and Lori. They are some of the most amazing humans I have ever have the pleasure of knowing. They listened to me with their full attention every time I spoke, offered advice when I needed it, and always had a space for me to come. We exchanged meaningful, thought provoking conversations, laughed a lot and shared stories over many, many cups of coffee. They always welcomed me on that bus with open arms and full hearts – in fact they treated every single person at their shop like family. It was so pure to watch them interact with their customers and I will forever cherish the hours I spent on their bus. Everytime I visit OKC, it is always on my list – and usually my first spot to head to. Not only is their coffee tasty, but the atmosphere is so welcoming! Even after all these years, when I return I am greeted with big smiles and they always remember who I am even though I rarely see them.

On my latest trip to OKC, I of course had this place on my list. But this time with a twist – they recently opened a storefront near downtown on Broadway. It was incredible seeing their dream and vision come full circle with the opening of this new location and I know they have a bright future ahead. Upon walking in, I was greeted by the friendly face behind the counter. Smiling larger than life, she welcomed me, asked me how my day was, and what she could make me. It was true human connection – none of that fake “I have to be nice to you because it is my job.” I ordered my typical iced latte with oat milk. Perfection as always. They also have some unique coffee drinks that are appropriately named after their start on the Double Decker bus – did I mention Maebelle is straight from the UK, which makes it even cooler. Anyways, some of their London named drinks include – Big Big, Double Decker, and a classic London Fog. If you are wanting to be wired for hours grab the Double Decker – it’s espresso mixed with drip coffee. Talk about a caffeine rush, but it is a very popular choice and will help you get through the day whether you have meetings ahead or maybe just didn’t get enough sleep the night before (aka welcome to adult life – ‘what is sleep should’ really be the slogan of being a grown-up).

Whether you’re visiting their storefront or bus, make sure to grab some of their awesome merch too. I think I own just about every item they sell. If you have read this far, you probably realize that to me this place is so much more than a coffee shop – and that is what the owners intend. They want to know YOU! I think that is why I love this place so much, I truly feel like I am more than a business transaction to them. They want to know my story, my life, AND serve me great coffee. I am so fortunate to have been part of their OG bus days and excited to see what they do next. Now if only I could convince them to open up a spot in Seattle, that would be the ultimate dream come true. Maybe one day, but for now if you live in OKC or are just passing by, please don’t skip this spot. If you visit one spot on my recommendations, this is the place to go. Grab a double decker, sit at their countertop and have a conversation. If I could summarize this coffee shop in one word: Connection.

Check out their website here to grab some of their merch if you aren’t able to visit them in person! You can also rent their sweet Maebelle for private events, don’t miss out on that opportunity – maybe if I rent them, they will bring her to Seattle! Just kidding, Maebelle is an old soul that doesn’t get around as well as she used to, but her charming character is the real draw.

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