Geraldine’s Counter is a Seattle staple. They serve up delicious breakfast and lunch items and are always packed on the weekends. It is no wonder why they are always busy with long lines because their food is delicious! It is a traditional diner style restaurant with a counter, but their food is so fresh and flavorful. You get those diner vibes but the dishes seem to leave you a little less heavy and sluggish. We ventured there during the week to try to avoid the crowds and it worked. We were seated right away and greeted with a delightful, smiley staff. There were so many options on their menu that it was a difficult time deciding and if I had the room I would have totally ordered more, including their french toast or pancakes, which they are known to have some of the best. They have daily specials on their french toast and pancake toppings so be sure to ask your server.

We grabbed some of their ~healthier~ (maybe?) items for a lighter start to the day. I couldn’t resist the Eggs a La Mexicana which came with scrambled eggs filled with chilis and pepperjack, black beans, housemade pico de gallo, sour cream, and fresh tortillas. I also added a side of avocados because nothing goes better with a mexican scramble. The plate was large enough to share for 2 and had so much flavor. It was fresh and light, but still left me full and satisfied. You can tell the eggs were freshly scrambled and not the cafeteria eggs made by the dozen. They were so fluffy and loaded with cheese and chilis – warmed my soul! We also ordered the Corned Beef Hash. It came with thick chunks of corned beef, butternut squash, bell peppers, potatoes, onions and celery topped with 2 perfectly poached eggs and a side of toast. A lot of hashes come with too many potatoes and not enough meat, but this hash wa LOADED. The corn beef was juicy, tender, and crispy on the outside – so incredibly delicious. It had so much flavor, I wanted more…but someone wasn’t in the mood for sharing haha.

I am already planning my next meal there because it was too good to not go back and eat more of their delicious food. For their full menu click here.

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