Homer might be one of my new favorite restaurants. It is nice, but not pretentious and serves delicious Mediterranean inspired dishes. It is a small restaurant, but cozy. Immediately upon walking in you feel a warm, comfortable, feeling of home that makes you never want to leave. Their decor features cool tones of blue and white to make it spacious, while still bringing the comfort through. They also feature a communal table that promotes discussion, community, and learning – although we opted to sit at our own table, I absolutely love this idea and if we weren’t in covid times, I would jump at the opportunity. I will absolutely be back to enjoy a meal with strangers at this communal table. Anyways, upon walking in you are greeted with smiling faces and warm welcomes from the staff – they feel like family somehow. In the back of the restaurant is their open kitchen, so you are able to see the chefs in their glory, meticulously preparing your dishes ensuring they go out perfectly! I was totally geeking out at this place. They sat us at a two top that was right next to the kitchen and I was so mesmerized with watching them work and communicate – the ultimate foodie experience, especially for an aspiring chef foodie. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is that you won’t find any stoves or ovens in their kitchen – they used a wood grill and a clay oven (I am guessing on this one, but that is what it appeared to be). That takes some serious skills to use more primitive styles of cooking and still produce delicious perfectly cooked dishes.

We started our meal with their sweet pepper dip served with fresh pita ($8). It was creamy, smokey, and nutty – I definitely recommend starting with one of their dips, I personally love any red pepper or sweet pepper dip because it is so flavorful! We then grabbed a few small plates as additions to our main dishes. We got the summer tomatoes with whipped garlic ($17) and summer corn ($12) – the summer corn is no longer on their menu, as they rotate their menu frequently for seasonality. Both were delicious – the whipped garlic on the tomatoes was incredible and I so want to learn to make it at home. While I loved the tomatoes, they were a bit pricey and as delicious as they were, I would say skip this dish because it wasn’t anything extraordinary. Their summer corn though was amazing and it is unfortunate that as I am writing this a few days after eating there, they no longer have it. It was grilled to perfection served with a creamy, tangy, salty yogurt sauce – but there are still plenty of delicious options you can choose from! For our main dishes we grabbed the grilled coho salmon ($23) and the lamb ribs ($21). The salmon came with a beautiful romesco sauce (see I told you I was a sucker for red pepper dips), roasted potatoes and nectarines. The salmon was cooked beautifully and the romesco sauce really made it pop! The lamb ribs came with plutos and pistachios and a thin-yogurt/tzatziki type sauce for dipping. The lamb was incredibly tender and fell right off the bone…yum! And, as if we didn’t have enough food in our bellies, we had to grab a dessert. They have soft serve, which I have heard is delicious but their rose scented peaches ($9) sounded a bit more intriguing to me. It comes with fresh peaches amongst a ricotta mousse, sprinkled with crunchy meringue bits.

This is probably my new favorite restaurant and I cannot recommend it enough. The food, atmosphere, everything is incredible. It is a foodie paradise. It promotes sharing and conversation and is a great space to relax, have a discussion, and of course eat some delicious dishes. For their current menu check out their website here.

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