Flora Bakehouse

The Flora Bakehouse is a cute bakery located in Beacon Hill baking up some insanely delicious pastries and breads! They have savory and sweet items making it a no-brainer for a weekend breakfast or weekday pick me up. They also have delicious coffee and tea drinks and have recently opened their upstairs rooftop. Grab a pastry and a drink and sit upstairs awhile while you read a book, catch up with friends, or just have a moment to yourself to interrupt the hectic day you are having. I love this spot for a weekend morning pastry run. Their shop is bright and full of color and natural life, but it is also warm and cozy at the same time and makes me feel comfortable and safe – like I am at home or in a familiar location. I love their large windows that line up on the entire building – this also allows you to watch the baking process, which is so cool to see the bakers hard at work creating little bites of goodness. Their selection is so great it is hard to decide what to get – I love getting an assortment to try various flavors they have. They usually have a seasonal pastry, which is always a must in my opinion. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you grab to try. So grab a friend or take your significant other for a weekend morning date and sit a while soaking up some ~quiet~ time. For their website, click here to see what pastries they have on rotation and more!

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