Ellenos Greek Yogurt

For the amount of Ellenos Yogurt I eat, I surprisingly have very few photos of it. They have two locations that serve it up fresh on the spot – Pike Place and Georgetown – and these locations offer flavors that you cannot find in stores. Their yogurt is the real deal. It is so creamy and smooth and seriously just incredible. Yogurt is a hit or miss thing for me – mostly due to the texture – but with Ellenos I can eat and eat and eat it until I am beyond full. Their flavors are so fun too! My absolute favorites are their Marionberry and the Marionberry Pie. If you are not familiar with marionberries, they are native to the PNW (specifically native to Oregon) and are a variation of blackberries. They share some commonalities to blackberries, but are only grown in PNW and have a firmer texture. Marionberries also have a richer flavor and are sweeter and juicier than their blackberry relatives. Back to Ellenos though, their shops offer so many unique, delicious flavors that you can try. The Pike Place location is their OG, with Georgetown only recently opening. I love stopping their when I am at the market for a “walk around cup” which is the perfect size for yourself or to share with someone while you’re walking around exploring and eating your way through the market! You can also grab larger containers from these locations to take home and eat later. If you aren’t lucky enough to live close enough to their store front locations, don’t worry! They do offer their yogurts at a number of grocery stores across the country including, Whole Foods and Costco. These stores will have the great tasting Ellenos, just in a limited number of flavors – typically they have their original, marionberry, key lime pie, lemon curd, vanilla bean, passionfruit, muesli and their milk+fruit series. Their Milk + Fruit series is a lower calorie, lower sugar option that is delicious as well. The flavors include Apple Cinnamon (my personal favorite), Cherry Vanilla, Pineapple Ginger, and Fig Raisin. For their flavors and store locator check here.

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