Pablo y Pablo

PABLO Y PABLO – located near Fremont serving up some very unique tacos. We ordered 2 tacos – Al Pastor and Banh Mi. The Al Pastor has grilled pineapple, bacon, habanero salsa, red onion and cilantro. It is a unique take on the traditional Al Pastor taco. The flavor was incredible and you get a big kick of heat from the salsa. The Banh Mi was basically a banh mi in taco form – filled with pork belly, cilantro, cucumber, pickled vegetables, jalapeños, and sriracha aioli. This was definitely on point for a banh mi, but was pretty spicy in my opinion! Their tortillas were also very good – some of the best tortillas I’ve had. The only downside to these tacos is they didn’t have as much filling as some other taco spots – so we would have liked to see a bit more, especially for the price. Their single tacos range from $5.00 – $7.50, which is pretty steep when you look at what you’re getting. They’re tacos are unique though which is what sets them apart from the rest of your typical taco spots – I mean they even have a soft shell crab taco! On Tuesdays they offer a Taco Tuesday special. For $55 you get 6 tacos, 2 margaritas (your choice of house or blood orange), guacamole + chips, and 2 cookies. This is honestly a pretty great deal when you think about everything you’re getting – if you were to order all of those separately, on the low end you would be spending $70 (and that is with ordering the $5.00 tacos for all of them). My recommendation is to check them out on a taco tuesday night because you get more bang for your buck.

Click here for their website and menu!

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