Weekends are made for treats – whether its brunch, drinks at a rooftop bar, or donuts, you made it through the week and definitely deserve to treat yourself to something fun and yummy. Mochi donuts are one of the latest trends sweeping the world – or at least Seattle and the surrounding areas. We’ve got several mochi donut spots popping up all around and its too hard to not want to try them all. Mochi donuts are so light and chewy, they are not your typical raised yeast donut. These deserve their own seat at the table and I am here for them, cheering them on that this trend lasts! Honestly, these are better than regular donuts becuase they do not taste heavy, fried or oily. I love the chewiness of them, but it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea – I highly recommend trying one before you write them off tho. Mochinut has several locations across the country with a location recently popping up in Seattle. They have a wide variety of flavors that rotate frequently, depending on the location you visit. When I visited, I grabbed the flavors of the week – Churro, Matcha Oreo, Strawberry, Nutella Almond, Yogurt Parfait, and Pistachio. Churro and Matcha Oreo were my favorites – the toppings balanced perfectly that weren’t too sweet and not over the top. Simple and delicious – just what ya want in a donut. Check out their website to see if they have a location near you, chances are you probably aren’t too far from one.

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