Bangrak Market

Oh Bangrak…..I’ve said it before and I will yell it again. This place SLAPS hard. Their food is incredible and there is so much flavor and beautiful presentation, as evident by the photos above! Every time I go their quality is phenomenal and they only serve the best products. Their menu is pretty large andContinue reading “Bangrak Market”

Ba Sa

Ba Sa is a delicious asian restaurant located on Bainbridge Island, just a short ferry ride from Seattle! They serve tasty dishes in a casual, comfortable environment. There were so many tasty items on their menu it was difficult to choose and I wanted to eat so much more, but you practically had to rollContinue reading “Ba Sa”

Noi Thai

Have you ever wanted to eat fried rice out of a pineapple? Well you can at Noi! Not only is it beautiful, but it is also delicious! I eat a decent amount of thai food beucase it is one of my favorite types of cuisine with all the flavors they use, I just can’t stayContinue reading “Noi Thai”