Mushroom + Chicken Soup

Soup season is in full swing in my house and I have so many delicious soups that are so easy! This one features mushrooms and is full of flavor. I used a variety of mushrooms to really draw out the taste. This soup is thick, rich and hearty – think of cream of mushroom butContinue reading “Mushroom + Chicken Soup”

Ribeye with Mushroom, Brie Cream Sauce and Roasted Broccolini

This recipe will have your guests thinking you spent a fair amount of time and money to impress. But you can make this dish fairly easy without forking out the big bucks at a steakhouse. The ribeye is a deliciously marbled cut of steak that doesn’t require heavy marinading to get that flavor and tenderness.Continue reading “Ribeye with Mushroom, Brie Cream Sauce and Roasted Broccolini”