Desano Pizza

Pizza is a true delight and if done right, should honestly be considered one of the 7 wonders of the world. There is nothing more delicious than a wood-fired pizza with a charred, chewy crust topped with fresh tomatoes and creamy mozzarella. To test a restaurant’s pizza quality, I always grab the Margherita. While this is the most basic, it can’t hide behind a bad crust or ingredients. The Margherita is also one of the most underrated options at a pizza spot (again if done right). Desano pizza truly exceeds all expectations when it comes to a wonderful pizza. Their crust was perfectly charred yet still chewy and light and held up with the sauce and cheese. Their sauce had a pure taste – ie: it wasn’t loaded with too many spices and just let the fresh tomatoes shine. Desano holds themselves to a high standard and follows a strict set of guidelines when it comes to making Neapolitan pizza. First bite and you will really see the difference and quality Desano offers. They have a few locations across the US, but I grabbed pizza at their Nashville location. If you are lucky enough to live near a location, RUN and try them! For their full menu and list of locations, click here.

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