Barista Parlor

While exploring Nashville, I stumbled upon a coffee shop so of course I had to go check it out! They have a few locations across the city, but I went to the Gulch location which is located inside a hotel – but you couldn’t tell it was a hotel if I am being honest! The ambience was inviting and warm and I loved the decor! I grabbed two of their specialty lattes to try – Bourbon Vanilla and Whiskey Caramel. The Bourbon Vanilla was my least favorite of the two. The flavor wasn’t super strong, but the coffee was smooth and silky. The Whiskey Caramel had a unique flavor – almost a burnt caramel taste that was super delicious with the espresso! This one was my favorite, especially on a chilly day. If coffee isn’t your vibe, they also have a large selection of teas to choose from. For their locations and full menu, click here.

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