Hatch is a popular brunch spot with a few locations around Oklahoma. They are known for their handcrafted dishes that range from pancakes and benedicts to beignets and omelets! They have got you covered for your breakfast or lunch needs depending on your mood. For certain items on their menu they even offer a flight option where you can select multiple to try a few flavors – that is my kind of deal since I can never decide what I want.

I opted for the Benedict Flight – I got to choose 3 of their 7 varieties! I went with the Tuscan Anne, Steak and Eggs, and Benedict Johnny. Now let’s break each of these down. So to start, the benedict flight costs $20 – which is fairly reasonable if you ask me since you get 3 instead of two! The Tuscan Anne is served on toasted sourdough with prosciutto, cream cheese hollandaise, cherry tomatoes and balsamic glaze. I’d give this an 8/10 – good but kind or boring. It’s like the safe option – you know what you are getting and you know it won’t suck, but it’s not adventurous. Next up the Steak & Eggs. This also is served on toasted sourdough with peppers, goat cheese, tenderloin and a cream cheese hollandaise. The steak was so tender and buttery and I loved the crispy peppers on top. For me though, the goat cheese was overpowering and didn’t go great with the cream cheese – I give this a 9/10 because of how delicious the steak and peppers are! And that brings us to our last one – Benedict Johnny. This is served on a griddled grit cake topped with braised pork topped with chipotle hollandaise, red chili sauce and crispy tortilla strips. Okay WOW – hands down my favorite – 10/10 for sure. The griddled cakes were soft and warm and that braised pork was so juicy. It paired so well with the smokey chipotle hollandaise and I loved the crunchiness on top from the tortilla strips. When I go back, this would be the benedict I order.

Overall this place was great with plenty of options. It does get really crowded on the weekend though, so plan ahead or be prepared to wait for a while! For their full menu, click here.

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