Banh Mi Station

Banh Mi Station is located inside Lam’s in Tukwila, across from the Dochi! It might be a little harder or inconvenient if you aren’t coming to shop in the area, but their banh mi are delicious! Their menu features a selection of banh mi, bubble waffles, spring rolls, a selection of drinks and you can even buy their baguettes to make your own banh mi at home! I have only ever tried their banh mi, but their bubble waffles always smell so good too. I think this spot is a great price – $4.99 for a small and $6.99 for a large – however I do have some friends that disagree and think there are other cheaper, better spots to grab a sandwich. Anyways, you can grab options like roasted pork belly, beef, grilled pork, grilled chicken, spicy pork, or fried eggs and ham. I’ve tried their grilled pork, grilled chicken and beef banh mi and my absolute favorite is the beef – it is tender and juicy and has a wonderful flavor. The beef is on the sweeter side, so I like to ask for extra veggies to balance out the sweetness. Each sandwich comes with the typical pickled veggies, cucumber, jalapeno, and cilantro.

Check this spot out if you’re nearby and grab a quick, easy sandwich! Their menu can be found on yelp or facebook, but they currently do not have their own website.

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