Chops is a korean fusion restaurant in Everett, WA serving up some delicious creations. They have burritos filled with korean flavors, hoagies with katsu chicken, as well as some classics like pho and bibimbap. So far I have only tried their burritos because they are incredibly tasty and they are also huge! One burrito is about 2 meals for me. They do not skimp on the filling either and what I love is that there is so much meat in them instead of just rice and filler foods. The other great thing about these burritos is that they actually travel well, the thin layer of rice prevents the tortilla from getting soggy, so these are still in perfect quality even a few hours later.

So far, I’ve tried 3 of their burritos – the Bulgorrito, Huli-Huli, and the Kraken. The bulgoritto is my favorite currently and is filled with bulgogi, cabbage mix, chile lime dressing and spicy mayo. It is then wrapped in a thin layer of rice and then a tortilla! It was better than I could have predicted. Soft, tender meat with the crunchy slaw and a bit of heat from the spicy mayo – the fresh squeeze of lime juice really set it off and added just enough acid to cut through all the carbs! The Huli-Huli is perfect for chicken lovers – stuffed with grilled chicken, chicken dumplings, huli-huli sauce, cabbage mix and spicy mayo. This one was good, but I felt it was a bit dry and lacking in sauce and flavor. The chicken was almost a touch overcooked, so on it’s own it didn’t really do it for me. I would still eat it, but maybe ask for a side of extra sauce to dunk it in. Lastly, the Kraken – if you love fish, this is the burrito for you. It is full of fried cod and calamari, crab mix, french fries, cabbage mix, chile lime dressing and spicy mayo. Surprisingly this one was actually light and refreshing. The cabbage mix and chile lime dressing really help cut all the grease and heaviness of the fried foods and the crab mix adds a nice, refreshing bite. The crab mix is what you see in a lot of sushi rolls so I definitely loved that! I am not a huge fish lover, so for me I wouldn’t get this flavor again, but it was fun to try. Next on my list to try is their Locosoba – it is yakisoba noodles with bbq pork!

If you’re near Everett, check this place out! It is off the beaten path but definitely a great spot for a bite to eat. The burritos are huge and you really get your moneys worth with the amount of meat they stuff these things with. They don’t have a menu online, but you can find pictures on Yelp or Facebook!

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