Spring Kitchen

I love me some Vietnamese food – so many options and flavors and textures. You can get something warm, like Pho or opt for a cold noodle bowl with crunchy vegetables. Spring Kitchen is a great spot if you can’t decide what you want, but know you want it to taste good. They have two locations – Kent Station and Maple Valley. Kent Station location is a great option for commuters on their way home from work – you can pop in and grab your food to go or sit down and enjoy. I went here on a Saturday a few weeks back wanting to grab something tasty and fairly healthy. My husband wanted pho, but I wasn’t in the mood so I opted for a vermicelli bowl. That is what is great about this spot, they have plenty of options so everyone is probably going to find something they want. Their menu features pho, noodle bowls, rice bowls, teriyaki, banh mi and more!

Their pho comes with fresh rice noodles and the works – bean sprouts, basil, jalapenos, limes, onions and cilantro. You can choose between several meats – different beef options, chicken, prawns, or tofu. My favorites are eye round steak, brisket and meatballs for my warm pho. Their pho was delicious and warm. It is perfect for a chilly day or when you just need a big bowl of comfort. The noodle dish I got their V4 – grilled chicken, shrimp and an egg roll. Their bowls come with vermicelli noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, pickled carrots, peanut and sweetened fish sauce. My only wish is that this dish had more pickled carrots because they are my absolute favorite, but otherwise the bowl was delicious. Fresh, light, crunchy, warm and cold – a great mix. The chicken was also tender and juicy, as were the shrimp – absolutely perfectly grilled. I would hands down grab lunch or dinner here again and have a few other dishes I want to try from them!

For their full menu, check it out here.

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