Rhein Haus

There are only a few authentic German restaurants in Seattle that really get it right, and Rhein Haus is one of them. They are a biergarten with a bocce ball area with a large selection of beer and authentic German eats. They offer tons of seating, including a large outdoor patio which is great for the spring and summer when the weather is incredible! Since they have such a large area, it is perfect for team events, happy hours with coworkers, celebrations, or just grabbing a few pints with friends. Rhein Haus is one of the few bars in Seattle that you won’t find an overloaded menu of IPA’s – they offer a few, but their focus is on German friendly beer, which is not authentically an IPA.

Their food is incredible as well – you always have to start off with a giant pretzel to share with the table that comes served hot with honey mustard, beer cheese fondue, and obatzda (which is a Bavarian style pimento cheese made with soft cheese and butter). Their currywurst with frites is also another great starter for the table – it is a sliced bratwurst with curry ketchup and fries. This is an absolute staple in Germany and is a typical street food you will find everywhere. FOr larger plates and more hearty options check out their Pork Schnitzel (pork cutlet with a pretzel breading served with a lemony butter sauce and apple slaw); Schweinshaxe (crispy braised pork shank with hazelnut and sage butter and traditional whole grain mustard); Beef Goulash (not your mom’s hamber helper version with macaroni noodles – this is a hearty beef stew seasoned with lots of paprika); another great plate to share their Wurst Platte (choice of their house-made sausage served with potatoes and sauerkraut). Seriously everything I have eaten there (everything mentioned above and then some) is incredible and makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Their food is legit and if you love German food, want to try a new cuisine, or want a taste of what Germany is like – check this place out. As someone who is married to a German, this place gets very high marks in our book – my husband is very picky about his German cuisine in the US and this is one of a handful of places he will actually eat German food from! For their full menu click here.

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