OKC’s coffee scene has really stepped its game up over the last few years. There are so many new shops and roasters that were not around when I was growing up there. It is so fun coming back and visiting and seeing all the new places that have popped up. OKC is really growing and it is a very cool city, so I highly recommend visiting! Prelude is a roaster and coffee shop I was not familiar with until my latest trip there. They’ve got a little shop located in a food hall, on the top floor. You can grab a cup of coffee and hang around for a few hours. They also have books for sale in their shop, which is the ultimate coffee shop vibes. Warm cup of coffee, good book, and a spot to curl up and read – well check, check and check at Prelude! You can buy their beans at their shop or around various locations in Oklahoma, as well as online. I loved their coffee so much and brought a bag home to Seattle to enjoy! Check them out for sure, and if you aren’t able to get to OKC head to their website here to grab a bag to be delivered right to your doorstep!

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