Clarity Coffee

Clarity coffee used to be another one of my favorite coffee shops when I lived in OKC. It was vibrant and colorful and bright – a real cool space to grab a coffee and have a conversation! They featured local artists that often painted/drew very colorful art. On my recent trip, the store had changed a bit. A lot of the colors were gone and replaced with various shades of brown. The space felt a little cold and dark and almost a bit depressing. The one thing that I am glad to see was still the same is their knowledgeable baristas and staff. They are super friendly and very well trained in the art of coffee. I was grabbing a few bags of their beans to take back with me – even though I don’t love their space anymore, I still do absolutely love their coffee. The guy helping me was friendly and probably the smartest person I had ever heard talking about the beans, the way they were processed, etc. He asked what I typically like in a coffee and flavor profiles and proceeded to recommend a few different roasts that I might like. They recently started roasting their own beans in house which was super cool. I would have to say this coffee shop is one you should check out, if only for the experienced staff, but maybe get it to go. For their website and to check out their beans, click here.

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