Neon Coffee

In another post, I mentioned the coffee scene growing in OKC. Neon is a new part of that! It is located in the Plaza District on 16th street in a while building and fun, bright pink umbrellas in their outdoor patio. I forget what this corner shop used to be, but clearly it was not as memorable as Neon! When you walk in to Neon, you are almost transported back to like the 80s or 90s bowling alley with all the bright lights, colors and black lights. The inside is clean and white with neon color accents. Their indoor space is pretty small with only a few barstool tops, but they do have a large patio to soak up all that Oklahoma sun – hopefully it isn’t too windy though.

Their menu has some crazy creations as well as classic coffees and food! They’ve got a Blackberry, Peanut Butter Bomb, and Tiramisu, but you can also grab a Cappuccino, Latte, or Drip if you want something a little less wild. I grabbed their Magnificent Chai, which is one of their most popular drinks. It is espresso with milk and housemade chai syrup. I got mine iced with oatmilk, classic move on my part (I love the flavor of oatmilk more than regular milk). It was the perfect afternoon pick me up that I didn’t know I needed until a took my first sip! It was just sweet enough, but not overpowering and I was still able to taste the espresso, which for me is the goal. I also grabbed a donut because it kind of just felt like the right thing to do. Their pastry case was empty, but make sure to ask them because they still had plenty left! You can choose from butterfinger, matcha yuzu, honey roasted peach, vanilla or chocolate. I went with the honey roasted peach, but it was a tough decision between the matcha yuzu. The flavors of the donut were incredibly tasty, but it was a bit too doughy for me – I think it there was more filling it would have been better balanced. I also just prefer more filling than not. Don’t give me a half filled donut or I will not be happy about it. They do also have salads, sandwiches, and a few breakfast items if you are wanting something savory and more sustainable than a donut.

Definitely check this place out if only for the cool, bright colors. It will make anyone happy and start the day off on a good note. For their menu check out their website here.

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