Reckless Noodles Pt 2

I cannot get enough of this place – I have posted about it before, but I went back to try some more dishes. I am working my way through their entire menu! This time I tried a few more of their menu items. We started with the Steamed Eggplant and Coconut Cream. It comes with scallion oil, hanoi fish sauce and sea salt. It was different than I expected, but still tasty. The eggplant was soft and tender and cooked really well. Eggplant can be easy to mess up, so I was very impressed. I was not expecting a whole slice of eggplant – I was picturing diced eggplant with like a coconut cream – more like a thick stew or soup. If you are a fan of eggplant, don’t skip this dish! It wasn’t my favorite dish I have eaten there, but still a solid 8/10. Not picture, but we also grabbed their ShangHai Spicy Wontons – they have limited quantities of these and usually run out very early in the night but if you can get your hands one them definitely grab a plate. They are not too spicy and are finished with a balsamic reduction. We also grabbed a Bao (also limited quantities and these are large enough to split between two people) – it comes filled with chicken and mushrooms and is served with a creamy coconut sauce that I want to drink straight! Lastly to start (as if we hadn’t ordered enough at that point) we grabbed an order of their Duck Crispy Rolls.

For our main course we indulged in their Hokkien Wok Noodles. These are their dry noodles, although they still have a decent amount of sauce in them. They come with yellow wheat noodles, pork shoulder, shrimp, squid, egg, bean sprouts, tomatoes, and sambal fish sauce. What was awesome is that you could easily swap one of the proteins for extra of another – for me I am not a huge fan of squid, so they let me remove the squid and get extra shrimp! These noodles were incredible. SO much flavor and texture. The noodles were soft, but still firm enough to have a bite to them. It was so hard to choose a main dish because I wanted to try so many of them, but these were highly recommended by our server and one of their most popular main dishes and I am so glad we tried them. If you are like me and unable to decide, definitely try this dish if you haven’t yet!

As if we had anymore room for food, we had to try their Vietnamese Coffee Creme Brulee. WOW! We cleaned this dish so quickly it was irresistible. It was so creamy and rich, but not overly so. It was subtly sweet with a coffee flavor that wasn’t too strong or bitter. The caramelized sugar topping was also perfection. It cracked perfectly with every bite. Even if you don’t have room for this, make room – or skip an appetizer because THIS is legit! I have had a lot of creme brulee in my life, it is one of my favorite desserts. And this creme brulee is one of the best one’s I have had in my entire life – the only other one that compares was a place in San Juan Island that was a cookies and cream one – but that’s for another time! To drool over all there dishes, check out their menu here and make sure to go there asap!

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