RGB – Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is one of the most refreshing drinks in the world, especially on a warm summer or spring day. They currently have 4 locations in and around Seattle and they also ship nationwide. If you like ginger beer, this place really makes some of the best stuff – it’s tangy, bubbly, and slightly sweet. It has a subtle ginger flavor that is strong enough where you know you are drinking ginger beer, but not overpowering that it is all you taste. They offer a large variety of flavors that really bring their drinks to life! The colors are so vibrant and enticing that you can’t help but want to try them all! My favorite location is the original one in Pike Place Market. This is really so I can grab a refreshing drink while I’m browsing and in all reality just eating my way through the market. Like I mentioned, they offer several flavors, with my favorites being Pink Guava, Blood Orange, and White Peach. Pink Guava though is my all time favorite and my usual go-to. It is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet and it really doesn’t get any better! Their other flavors include: Spicy Pineapple, Passion Fruit + Vanilla, Cucumber + Tarragon, and Black Currant. For their full menu click here. They also cocktails and soft serve! They have 5 cocktails on tap – Moscow Mule, El Diablo, Storm Clouds, Porch Swing, and Montana Mule – that all feature their original ginger beer. You can also create your own mule; you get a choice of your ginger beer flavor + choice of spirit – so you can create your own masterpiece and go crazy. If you are in the mood for more of a frozen treat, they do have two frozen cocktails (Pink Guava Moscow Mule and Tropical Storm) and also have soft serve. For the soft serve you can choose from a cup, float (choice of rgb or cold brew) or a boozy float. If you’re in Seattle and haven’t tried them, make sure to grab a cup or a growler to go. Check out their nationwide shipping if you are not in or near Seattle so you can try it too!

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