Queen Anne Farmers Market

Farmer’s Markets and summer go hand in hand! There is nothing better than roaming around picking up fresh fruit and vegetables from local vendors and finding new items to try! Besides the fruit and veggies, most farmer’s markets offer artisan foods, like breads, pastas, hummus, cheese, meats and more!

Queen Anne has a great market on Thursday’s open through September from 3-7:30pm. It is a great place to find local eats and grab fresh produce to cook with and snack on. They also have a few local food trucks and food stands serving up delicious eats so you can grab dinner while you shop and be set for the evening. I grabbed strawberries, fresh bread, hummus, cold beer, and more! Check out their website for a full list of vendors, but I recommend going yourself and wandering through the market and trying something new! My goal for this summer is to go back each week and try a new vendor and new item to explore more and support local vendors.

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