Biang Biang

Biang Biang is a cute little noodle shop in Capital Hill serving up traditional fresh, hand pulled Xi’An noodles. They have dry noodles, noodles in soup, fried noodles, baos, dumplings and more! Everything is made to order, so it comes out steaming hot and fresh and fairly quickly! It only took them 10-15minutes to bring us our order!

We ordered the Spring Rolls ($3.99), Fried Chicken Bao ($5.99), and the Mala Spicy Beef Dry Noodles ($11.99). Like I mentioned above, everything came out super fresh and hot! The spring rolls were extra crispy and gave the perfect crunch upon biting in them. They had a delicious flavor and would highly recommend as an appetizer to share with the table. The Fried Chicken Bao was a unique item – a twist on a classic chicken sandwich that everyone is going crazy for. It was a large piece of freshly fried, super juicy chicken. It was stuffed between a fluffy bao, all topped off with a delicious honey mustard like sauce. I loved the spin on a chicken sandwich in a bao – honestly, such a good combination! Lastly, the Dry Mix noodles. The beef was tender and flavorful with chewy noodles. It was definitely on the spicier side, so if you are not a huge fan of spicy then you might want to opt for a different dish. The noodles come with stir fried veggies and a perfect soft boiled egg. I could eat hand pulled noodles any day of the year and be super satisfied. If you love noods, definitely give this place a try! I am already looking forward to going back and trying more items on their menu!

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