Hood Famous

Hood Famous is a cute little shop in the International District known for all things ube! If you are not familiar with ube it is basically just a purple yam that is originally from the Philippines. It has a bright purple color and is slightly sweet, making for delicious and beautiful desserts and drinks. Hood Famous offers an Ube Latte, Ube Cookies, and Ube Cheesecake, among an assortment of other delicious treats.

Of course I had to try their Iced Ube Latte ($5.25), 4 pack of assorted cheesecakes ($28), and 6 pack of ube cookies ($14). The cookies didn’t even make it home for photos, so that’s how tasty they are. They are light, chewy, and slightly sweet. Their Ube Latte is what dreams are made of. I mean, first off just look at how pretty it is! It was almost too beautiful to drink, but its coffee so was not about to let that go to waste. The sweet ube balances perfectly with the strong espresso for a wonderful afternoon pick me up! I also ordered the assorted cheesecakes which are the 4 most popular flavors – Ube, Vietnamese Coffee, White Chocolate Guava, and Coconut Pandan. They are each 4oz which are perfect for sharing or for an individual serving! My personal favorite was the panda because it is a very subtle sweetness with a nice coconut flavor. I also really enjoyed the Vietnamese Coffee, it has a very strong coffee flavor so if you love coffee, this is definitely the option for you! My least favorite was the Guava, but it was actually my husbands favorite. I am just not a huge Guava fan in general so it had nothing to do with the quality of the cheesecake, just not my cup of tea – i would still give it a 7 or 8 out of 10 tho! The cheesecakes were super creamy and exactly what you want from a cheesecake, with a rich, buttery crust. They use a coconut buttery biscuit crust, which honestly is perfect for all the flavors they offer. 10/10 would recommend to anyone as a must try in Seattle! Grab a latte, individual cheesecake, and a cookie and you’ll have yourself a wonderful afternoon treat that will make any day even better!

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